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  • What if every computer got faster over time?We make enterprise technology get faster over time.
  • What if you never had to maintain any system ever again?We unchain every technology employee to create value.
  • What if all human error was removed from technology?We eliminate all human error from enterprise technology.
  • What if everything ran on mobile better than desktop?We make the mobile device the only device employees need.
  • What if technology came with compliance built in?We make enterprise compliance zero cost & zero touch.
What if every computer got faster over time?1 What if you never had to maintain any system ever again?2 What if all human error was removed from technology?3 What if everything ran on mobile better than desktop?4 What if technology came with compliance built in?5

Secure Enterprise Service Core

Allows you to easily choose who can access what information or applications from select devices and locations.

Want easy application management?
Need to do business from anywhere?
Demand security and protection?
Require faster response times?
Allow people to use their device?

Have all of these systems working harmoniously to enable and protect your business within hours not months.



Through geographically distributed N+2
we guarantee 100% up time
or the entire month of service is free.

Cost Reduction

Reduce IT Operations head count
by using our advanced automation
and save up to 50% on IT costs.

Flat Price

Predictable monthly pricing
with no build or deployment costs
and no suprise expenses.

Secure Cloud Bridge

Migration and Transformation are the last things your people want to hear.
The Secure Cloud Bridge seamlessly connects mobile and cloud users to the systems you already have.
People can use the systems they already know while they become accustomed to the new capabilities they have access to.

Let’s put machines in charge of the machines!

Sounds scary, right?
Well, guess what, computer systems run much more reliably when computers — not humans — are maintaning them.

A complete IT department with an AI brain

At the heart of the Dot AIN system is the AI Network. It manages every function of an IT department, and can handle anything from a small business to a large enterprise. It’s based on a clever patent (the “Computerized Logical Decision and Learning System”), and is the world’s first system actually capable of delivering 100 percent reliability.

Runs like new. Every day.

Every IT technician knows that an IT system performs best after a fresh install. The AI Network always runs like that and actually improves the performance of your system over time. Think about that for a moment: a system that can expertly monitor, diagnose and repair itself. Dot AIN delivers these unique benefits, and more.

Fixes little things before they become big problems.

IT systems regularly suffer from small failures that, left uncorrected, can cause the problems we all know and love. Current software systems can take limited actions to attempt repairs, but they can only take pre-programmed actions that are the “right” response to a particular issue. Dot AIN adapts its responses based on outcomes from previous responses. It actually learns how to fix.

Here are just some of the clever things Dot AIN will do for you
while you're working on more important things:

››› Detect hardware and software issues before they turn into real problems
››› Take corrective action to prevent or resolve network and software issues
››› Automatically learn which repairs produce the best results
››› Dynamically change its approach based on available information
››› Smart load prediction and provisioning

What if there was an IT system that could consistently and reliably deliver a level of service that approached perfection?

What would that look like? How would it be delivered? And what would it cost?

Killer performance

With Dot AIN, you get quality hardware—automatically maintained and upgraded—to keep your systems running at peak performance. Our hardware is delivered through OEM relationships with brand-name manufacturers. And Dot AIN is always available, so your entire workforce has secure access to a fast, responsive system — all the time.

The industry's best reliability guarantee

Over the years, most of us have become used to technology that doesn’t always work “quite right.” Things you will not hear in an office that uses Dot AIN: “My email isn’t working right now” or “The system is really slow today.” Right out of the box, your Dot AIN system works great. And the more you use it, the better it gets. Yes, you heard that right: better, not slower. This means you have an IT system that continually operates at peak efficiency – forever.

Full compliance with all the major regulations

If you’re in the financial, healthcare, and legal sectors, you know that it's expensive and time-consuming to comply with the myriad regulations imposed on your business. Most third-party providers offer solutions that only support HIPAA compliance, but true compliance requires specialized customization and that can be costly. With Dot AIN, you’ll have a fully compliant environment that meets and exceeds all the major regulations (including HIPPA, FISMA, Level 1 PCI), and a system that continually monitors its compliance.

Mobility that knows no bounds

Mobility is now engrained into every business. The biggest concern for most businesses is how to provide mobility without compromising security. With Dot AIN, your mobile data is safe because our mobile devices employ hardware-level security. The Dot AIN system is fully secure, encrypted, and protected. Device gone missing? We can track and locate lost or stolen devices and remotely wipe data stored on them. This means you can confidently give your staff the tools they need, wherever they need them.

Hardened security

You need a system that the bad guys cannot penetrate and proactively prevents intrusion. All data on your Dot AIN system is fully encrypted. From the storage on your devices to the disks in our data centers, no piece of information is ever accessible to unauthorized individuals. At the same time, the system continually monitors for intrusion: unauthorized actions are immediately detected, blocked and reported. If any application attempts any action not pre-approved the AI Network will terminate the application and report it to our architects.

Flexibility and scalability

With most other approaches, the cost of provisioning additional employees can be prohibitive if it means upgrading your software license or adding network infrastructure. We have a refreshingly different approach that your CFO will love: a per-user price on a monthly basis — a true pay-per-user system. Need to cut 20 users from your staff for six months? Simple: just let us know. When you’re ready to add some of that staff back, just call us. Need two more employees? No problem. There are no penalties or surcharges for these changes and we won’t charge you to turn them off or turn them back on.

Company Overview

Dot AIN is changing the foundation of how companies use and deploy business IT systems. We are accomplishing this by using the world’s only fully functioning non-algorithmic artificial intelligence. In combination with additional technologies this grants us, at a microscopic cost, nearly limitless manpower for the enhancement of business IT security, reliability, performance, and compliance. Using these technologies we have completely automated IT Operations.

The problem: Today, companies are assembling their IT systems out of bits and pieces instead of getting a complete solution. Because IT departments have to reinvent the wheel for every part, this significantly raises the cost and reduces the capabilities of any solution.

If you bought a car by selecting the individual parts and hiring a mechanic for assembly, it wouldn’t be cost effective or have many of the features we take for granted.

The Solution: Dot AIN is to the IT industry as Henry Ford was to the auto industry. We build solutions that are standardized end-to-end so that companies can have a complete solution that is self-healing, self-securing, self-scaling, and self-optimizing. Additionally, we provide an automated migration system that can onboard existing company applications and run them in our fully automated environment without having to redesign or reprogram the application.

The Market: Precedence and demand for this kind of a solution has been set by the Cloud hosting providers. These providers have standardized and simplified the initial setup and deployment of servers. However, they have little or no capability in four key areas; automated repair and maintenance, automated application security, automated capacity rescaling, and automated optimization.

In addition to the cost, human error and manpower limitations are the single largest limitation on every aspect of a business’s IT systems. According to Gartner, even with cloud providers, 63% or more of the cost of running an IT department is spent on manpower. This drives the average IT cost per user over $14,000 annually with highly secure and compliant systems running well over $28,000 annually.

The Savings: Because of the level of enhanced automation and the capabilities of the artificial intelligence, we deliver complete and fully automated solutions. This allows us to deliver more security, reliability, performance, and compliance than even the most expensive IT networks in existence. We combine these enhancements with manufacturer direct hardware, software, and other part supplier partnerships. This allows us to deliver complete solutions, all for a price of about $5,000 annually per user.

Check the numbers: